December 31, 2010
by: jovial_cynic
I've recently made some significant changes/upgrades to my welding workspace, and I figured I'd share what I've done.

The first major upgrade was a change to the table I was using to weld. I previously had a scrap 2x4 table I threw together, and decided that what I really needed was something on wheels. I had a spare rolling toolbox that I didn't really use for anything important, so I threw the square tubing on top of the toolbox and used the drawers to hold my tools and sheet metal.

Because of the height of the toolbox (way too tall), the 4" square tubes were replaced with a 72lb slab of 3/4" plate steel that I picked up at a local scrap yard, and that put the workbench at a perfect height.

Since my workspace was now metal, I figured that the first modification I would make would be a torch holder. Works perfectly.

Around the same time of all of this upgrading, I figured I'd also make some additional shelving for my garage. Shelves are wonderful.

This shelf holds my big tools.

This shelf holds my electronic bits - resistors, capacitors, speakers, etc., etc.

This hanging shelf holds my repair manuals, nails, screws, and socket sets.

The next modification was to cut out a 1" hardy hole into the slab. Anvils have hardy holes in them, and they're very useful...

The first hardy tool I made was based on an old hammer. The handle was originally wooden, but I cut the handle off and replaced it with a 1" square tube.

Here is the hammer in the hardy hole, and I use it to shape the sheet metal around the curve of the hammer head.

This metal guy here is in the jaws of the next hardy tool I made.

It's a "helping hand" tool, which is simply a c-vise, welded to a 1" flat-bar, and then welded to a nut/bolt assembly.

Here, you can see that the nut/bolt assembly is welded onto a 1" square tube. This is VERY useful for holding figurines in place while I weld things onto them.

I wanted to increase the size of my workspace, so I built a square tube frame, extending the table several inches deep and wide.

On the left, I welded in some angle iron to serve as a plasma-cutter space. I haven't figured out what to do with the back space yet, but I may use it to hold additional tools.

Also, the plasma-cutter space is great for holding nails that I use for the figurines.

Fun fun fun. I can't wait to make more hardy tools!
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