October 03, 2010
by: jovial_cynic
I'm not cut out for this whole car-painting business. Between sanding, painting, sanding, painting, chasing runs, waxing, buffering, etc., etc., etc., I just don't have the patience to crank out a refined paint project.

In any event, I took it from this:

... to this:

(the imperfections in the back is just the wax build-up; I still need to take the wax down)

In the end, it doesn't look horrible, and it certainly look a lot better than it did when I started. Who knows... maybe in the future, I'll sand it down to glass and actually fill in any dips and imperfections with bondo or whatever. That's the issue with my paint job, as I've discovered. My failure to spend the time getting the car perfectly straight at the start is pretty much making it impossible to get the car where I want it to be.

In any event, it's good enough. I like looking at it.
np category: 510


Reinaldo said:
Yeah you did a good job painting your car. At first it really looks old and rusty but you were able to look it much better but not brand new of course. I found out that wholesale car parts offer some good auto parts and accessories to improve car aesthetics and performance.
October 14, 2010

sky said:
Hi there. I stumbled on here from a google images search. Can you tell me which color code rustoleum you used? I am planning on painting my vespa the same color. Also, love the 510. I am restoring a 71 bmw 2002 on a budget and can appreciate the creative DIY solutions to make a decent driver. I just realized that this is almost 2 years old, so who knows if you will catch this. In any event, thanks!
May 03, 2012

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