March 17, 2009
by: jovial_cynic

I've always liked this Picasso sketch of Don Quixote and his sidekick, trotting through fields with windmills in the distance. There's something otherworldly about it that, in a few strokes, captures insanity, loneliness, friendship, struggle... all in one image. But mostly insanity, given the actual story of Don Quixote.

My old boss wanted me to weld up something that resembled Don Quixote, and last Christmas, I got around to making a welded replica of the Picasso:

It's a welded relief sculpture, which ends up being a work of art (mine), based on a work of art (Picasso's), based on a work of art (Cervantes'). This is an example of multi-tiered inspiration.


Chony said:
It's awesome! I tell you, you are an artist, genius one!

March 17, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Thanks, mom! :)
March 17, 2009

Cam said:
That came out really cool. I like it cause it's different from your usual. But then again didn't you weld this one too?
March 21, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Cam -

Yup - This was one was welded, too. Only instead of welding two things together, I actually used the welding process to build up the image. It's quite a bit different from the way I typically make my figurines.

March 23, 2009

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