October 28, 2008
by: jovial_cynic
I recently received a figurine request based on a piece of writing from a client. I won't post the whole thing, but the general idea is that there is a part of the unconscious mind (we'll call it the shadow) that is our base nature - the selfish, dangerous, angry part of us that we, through learning of societal norms, learn to repress. But it comes out at times -- when we laugh at tragedy, or when we hurt others.

The idea of the text originally inspired me to create this:

But then the client sent me a specific part of the text he wanted illuminated in the figurine:

Each of us contains both a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde; a more pleasant persona for everyday wear and a hiding, nighttime self that remains hushed up much of the time. Negative emotions and behaviors - rage, jealousy, shame, lying, resentment, lust, greed, suicidal and murderous tendencies - lie concealed just beneath the surface, masked by our more proper selves. Known together in psychology as the personal shadow, it remains untamed, unexplored territory to most of us.

Which led to this:


Luke said:
The second one is kind of deep. I digg it brother.
October 28, 2008

jovial_cynic said:
Luke - thanks! This is the first time I made a figurine based on a piece of writing. I'm glad it turned out.
October 28, 2008

Billy said:
I love how the bigger guy (assuming that's the shadow) has horns a pick and claws instead of being a playful little kid with a cane. I think it does a great job at visually displaying this subconcious "shadow" that we all have. Great work.
October 29, 2008

jovial_cynic said:
Billy - thanks! Yeah - the larger one is the shadow... the darker hidden version of the person inside of us. The main person isn't a kid, though. At least, that wasn't my intention.

... having the shadow be the inner manifestation of a child is much more creepy.

October 29, 2008

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