August 24, 2008
by: jovial_cynic
This was actually something I wrote up back in October of 2002 when I ran my website off my own private server. I had the content sitting on an old hard drive, and figured I'd post it here. I apologize in advance for the terrible quality photos - the pictures were taken with a (gasp!) 1MP camera.


Until today, my garage has been terribly cluttered. Between my tools, junk, etc., and my wife's tools, junk, etc., there simply wasn't enough floor space to hold all of our things. I have a desk in the garage that held a lot of the stuff, but it was entirely inadequate.

While waiting for parts to come in for my minibike project, I figured I'd do something with my in-between time. It started while I was at work. I don't even know if I was looking for anything in particular, but I ended up stumbling upon the HammerZone website. I am a changed man.

I never realized how useful a set garage shelves could be! My dad wasn't really a "tool-time" sort of guy, so I never experienced working on anything out in the garage. I learned a bunch of electronics stuff from him, but nothing with wood or metal. I am astounded at how much I was missing out!

Long story short, I have a useful garage now. I didn't keep any logs on this project since I just followed the steps found here. If you just look through that page, you'll get the basic idea of what I did.

I actually built 2 shelves; the one on the left is three 2-foot units that I built and stacked, while the one on the right is two 3-foot units. I planned to keep the entire thing modular so I could reconfigure it at will. I decided against that towards the end, since I wanted to keep the shelves as sturdy as possible. I happily nailed everything together.


Fun fact. As of right now, I've got six of them in my garage, and they're all completely full. I may have to build myself a larger garage.
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August 25, 2008

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