February 03, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
haha... oh man, now I own a motorhome. I never pictured myself as a motorhome owner, but as of last week, I now own a 1979 Dodge Tioga, which is a 23 foot motorhome with a fridge, bathroom (with shower, tub, toilet, and sink), 2 beds (one cab-over), 2 swivel chairs, a table, a furnace, a kitchen with gas stove/oven, etc., etc. I drove it down to the Oregon Dunes with a bunch of my friends from church, and it was GREAT. I didn't know how to get most of the stuff working on it until I got down there, but I finally figured it out, and it is a perfect little vehicle. SUPER RAD.

I did have to fix a few things, and re wiring a few things, and I'll set up a site for all that info, but in the meanwhile, it's tons of fun. $2500, baby. Not that it's worth tons more or anything... I think maybe I could sell it for $3800 or so... but I think I'd want to keep it, honestly. It's super rad.

I did, however, lose my digital camera on the way back from the dunes. And by "lose," I mean it fell into a pot of water in the sink in the motorhome, and sat there for 2 days. ugh. I'm pretty ticked off about it. But oh well... we'll see if it'll dry out, and if not, we'll just have to buy another one. I'll probably get the Canon Powershot A95 instead of the A80, since it's about the same price, and it's a full 5.0mp.
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