April 11, 2008
by: jovial_cynic
In music theory, we discover that songs are generally set within keys, such that the notes of the song fall within a predictable pattern. It's all based on a magical relationship between harmonics and math, and it's really quite fascinating. Even more fascinating is that you can sometimes take two unrelated songs that are in the same key and play them together.

Play this video first.

Once it gets going for a little while, play this second video while the first one is still playing. You can let the first one go for as long as you want for hitting play on the second one, but the sooner you start the second one, the sooner you see what I'm talking about.

And what's neat is that once the second video finishes (it's shorter than the first), just hit play on it again, and it picks right back up, with a different intensity. It's like the two songs were meant to be played together, but they're wholly unrelated.

I love music.

Big old hat tip to goon Choda Dog from the Something Awful forums for discovering the video connection.


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