January 27, 2008
by: jovial_cynic
After a bit of research to re-learn how to tune the SU carbs, bleeding the brakes (still not completely done, so I bought a set of speed bleeders), hooking up (with a coat-hanger wire) the exhaust, clamping closed the fuel-filler tube, wiring up the alternator, and making sure the battery was secured, I finally drove the car around.

My brother-in-law and I bled the brakes, but it looks like there's still a bunch of air in the system - it takes about two pumps to have the brakes actually engage.

After tinkering with the carbs some more, I tuned it a little tighter, and managed to bring the idle down to about 1500 rpms. I'll see if I can bring it a little lower, but with the Shadbolt camshaft, too low will cause it to die down.

In spite of the carbs not being completely tuned, the car is clearly fast. It's got a healthy amount of get-up-and-go, and managed to get the rear tires to break loose. Sure, the ground was wet, but whatever. I'm really excited that I'm inching closer and closer to getting it done.

Everything is cobbled together at this point; the throttle clevis, the battery mount, the gas filler tube, the radiator, the exhaust... so my next step is to get everything more permanent, and to start working towards an interior.

Maybe wiring up the lights and installing the rear lights would be a good next step.
np category: 510


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