August 17, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
Remember that Brazilian guy that was shot and killed in London because the police there believed him to be a suicide bomber? The "official" report stated that the man was "acting suspiciously," and that he was wearing a bulky winter coat (unusual for summer -- could have contained a bomb), and that he jumped a barrior and ran from the police and was shot as he tried to board the train.

Nevermind that the police were in plain clothes. And nevermind that people generally run to try to catch the subway train. He was looked like a terrorist.

It looks like leaked police documents are now revealing some interesting information. It turns out that the man wasn't wearing a heavy winter coat, but rather a denim jacket. And he didn't jump any barrier. And he wasn't running when he was shot -- he was SITTING in his seat on the train, and then tackled to the ground, with a police officer's knee in his neck. And then he was shot 8 times in the head.
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January 21, 2010

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