September 09, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
At the end of August, the California senate blocked mandatory employee RFID chipping in the state, which is technical way of saying that companies in California are no longer allowed to require employees to be implanted with radio-frequency identification chips to remain employed.

Until reading that article, I had no idea that mandatory chipping even existed in the United States. Apparently, the privacy-eliminating technology has been spreading, and companies like are already requiring certain employees to be chipped., a Cincinnati video surveillance company, has required employees who work in its secure data center to have a microchip implanted in an arm.

I hate thinking of the end-of-the-world scenarios that come from requiring employees to be tagged so they can be tracked anywhere they go, but... the speed at which chipping technology is growing (chip your pets if they get lost!), the notion of totalitarian government/corporate control is hardly the stuff of fantasy. It's apparently just around the corner.
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Kristen said:
Freakin' scary. Jason and I didn't get a cell phone for a long time just because we didn't want his work to call us on Saturday mornings at 5:30 a.m. for radio interviews...I can't imagine our workplace (government, etc.) knowing where we are at any second of the day! ARGH!
September 11, 2007

jovial_cynic said:
Yes indeed. Horrifying, really. But it's going to happen, so you might as well get accustomed to it.
September 11, 2007

Billy said:
Whoa... that's crazy.
September 13, 2007

valdez said:
This is very scary. Unfortunately, there are too many "best interest" uses for this method, like tracking sex offenders, counter measures to fight identity theft, etc.
January 17, 2008

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