April 06, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I got to spend hours out in the garage today, so I spent about half of it cleaning up and organizing everything, and the other half messing around with the water pump in my 510.

Knowing that there was a possibility that I had a leak somewhere, I decided to test the coolant system with water instead of having to waste coolant. Good thing. It turns out that the gasket on the water pump wasn't in good shape, causing water to dump out everywhere. I'm not sure if I didn't seal it well, or if I had taken it off and put it back on, thinking that the existing liquid seal would hold up. I don't remember.

I pulled the water pump and resealed it, and I'm going to let it cure for 24 hours like the instructions suggest. Tomorrow, I'm going to head to the auto store and pick up a new clutch line, a speed bleeder (so I can bleed my own clutch), some coolant, and another quart of transmission fluid... and I think that's it. I should be able to fire up the engine tomorrow!

I should also get some exhaust pipe eventually, since I need to fab up my own exhaust. fun fun fun.

np category: 510


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