April 10, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I've decided to put some more time into my 510 project, so I stopped by the junkyard to see what was available. To my shock, there was a near-complete 4-door 510 sitting in the yard that was in almost as good of shape as my 2-door! Unfortunately, the junkyard wouldn't let me buy the car outright, so and since I didn't have enough time to grab everything off the car, I just made off with the passenger side seat. But man... a whole 510? In a junkyard?

Anyhow, I have a new seat in my car now, and I managed to get the L18 pulled out (though I ended up dumping a LOT of tranny oil on the garage floor in the process... gross). I still need to get a new timing chain for my engine build, as well as a distributor spindle. I plan to head out to the junkyard again this wednesday and pull parts off of an L20b datsun truck that I saw in there. Maybe I'll see about grabbing more parts off that 510, too. Oh... that reminds me. I need to see about borrowing an 18v sawzall...
np category: 510


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