January 15, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
All four pistons are now in the block. Having ground them down by hand, I was concerned that they would be uneven... and it looks like I shaved down one of the pistons a tiny bit more than the others. That sucks. There's going to be a bit of a balance-issue to deal with, since the compression is going to be less on that one piston. Ugh. That sucks. However, I'm going to continue to build the engine as planned and see if there's a noticable problem. If so, I'll have to pull it apart again and shave down the other three pistons a bit.

Yes. A "bit." When you're using sandpaper, it's not an exact science... heh.

I've already begun taking the head off of my L18 engine that's currently in my 510. It shouldn't be too much work to take it off and pull the block out of the car. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my L18 block once I pull the head off... but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
np category: 510


nitin said:
would you be having any
nissan L16 piston?
83mm bore
Dish 7.01
if you have a second hand one around or a set of 4 new ones
im kind on that

September 07, 2011

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