November 30, 2006
by: jovial_cynic

Many years ago, Quiznos ran a series of fantastic commercials featuring a pair of singing rats, or... something. I mean, they're rats, but their faces were replaced with something strange, yet strangely compelling. I don't know why.

I searched around on youtube and found a few of them.

First Commercial
Second Commercial

Very weird.
np category: videos


Mark D. said:
Oh my gosh! I remember those!

I'm still convinced Adam Sandler was their musical inspiration.

November 30, 2006

Luke said:
I hated those stupid rat things! I still think that was one of the worst marketing ideas. No wonder they lasted all of a few months. IMHO
December 02, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
haha... I thought they were great. At the time, they kind of weirded me out, but after the commercials were gone, I kind of missed them. Yay, youtube!
December 02, 2006

andros said:
Many years ago? It was 2004! Am I that old?
December 03, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
Oh, interesting. Upon checking the wikipedia, it appears that you are correct. 2004. Weird. I could have sworn they were around before that...
December 03, 2006

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