September 21, 2004
by: jovial_cynic
Harbor Freight is great for buying cheap, disposable parts, like drill bits and cutoff saw wheels. I discovered today that it's no good for buying important tools… like torque wrenches. I bought a torque wrench from there a few days back, and since it was paid with my play account, I didn't bother keeping the receipt, which means I can't return it. That sucks. I used it today to put the head bolts back on my 1971 Datsun 510, and torqued the head bolt apart. I'm lucky the threaded end didn't wind up stuck in the engine block... it twisted right out with the rest of the bolt, and then came apart in my fingers.

No more important tools from Harbor Freight. I'll probably buy my next torque wrench from Home Depot or Sears or something.


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