May 10, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
The national ID will likely be signed into law today. I'm not a big end-times activist, since I don't think that believers are supposed to freak out about things like this, but it is rather chilling to think that folks will not be able to fly, purchase houses, get a drivers' license, etc., without having this card present. That, by itself, isn't so bad, because security of credit and funds is always important. But the notion of a national database that keeps track of all its citizens is uncomfortable, especially when you consider that data is simply not secure. The cards themselves will likely contain RFID chips, making them readable to anybody with a RF scanner, making personal information more difficult to protect.

Personally, I'm against it all, and have faxed a petition to my representatives Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, requesting them to fight the national ID. The more distance I can keep between myself and a database that holds everything about me, the better.

Wired News
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