June 29, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
We had a guest speaker at our quarterly department meeting at work today. I guess she's this big shot public relations lady who's been on both sides of the news, both as public relations and as a journalist. I think the point of her presentation was how to pitch stories to journalists, but in the end, it made me think that I kind of want to be a journalist.

Freelance, of course.

So... I'm giving some thought into changing this website a bit. I enjoy having my own personal blog, but I'm considering moving the personal content into a subsection, and making the journalism piece the primary focus. I'd have to make the front page a bit professional (which might just mean limiting the number of banner images I'm using), or perhaps I'd put the site through another redesign, leaving the more creative and colorful design element for the personal section.

I'm still giving all of this some thought. I haven't made any official decisions yet, as it's only been on my mind for about 10 hours. If the desire still nags at me for the next week, I'll try to put together some actual stories and see what happens.
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luke said:
Can I be your lackey? I don't know what that is but I know how to use it in a sentence so I thought I would. I could be your photographer but Kendra or Jill would probably wrestle me to the ground and tickle me mercilessly until I gave in or just beat me up. Probably the latter... Missed you on Tuesday. See you 2nite.
June 29, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
I believe a lackey is a side kick.

I hadn't even considered the photography side of things... I guess that's pretty important. But yeah - I think Kendra would be pretty upset if I didn't give her first shot at it.

June 29, 2006

luke said:
Yes keep in mind your dealing with average americans. Newspapers are written at an 8th grade level for a reason. Pictures are good, lots of words, baaaad. And, yes I'll still be your lackey. Happy B-Day to Morgan BTW
June 29, 2006

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