June 14, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
Timdogg is in a band that's got some regular gigs, which is cool. They play in downtown Olympia periodically, and I make it out to their shows when I can. One of the band members recently decided to quit his state job and take up welding as a full-time profession. He and a friend are going to start a shop and make decorative things and hopefully make a living... and since they're putting all of their proverbial eggs in one basket, they really have to make it work.

My father-in-law started his own business down in California - he's a home inspector, and managed to make quite a bit of money during the recent housing boom. He started out with nothing and wound up making over two-and-a-half times the amount I make.

A friend of mine, after working for somebody in the concrete industry for a number of years, decided to start his own concrete business. In just a year, he's managed to pull in about half-a-million dollars in business, which will easily get all of his equipment paid off, and will allow him to take a hefty bonus at the end of the year.

I like my secure job. I like my steady paycheck, my nice benefits, and I generally enjoy the people in my office. I like not having to think about whether or not I'll make any money in any given day, because when you've got a family, it's nice to be able to budget for things like groceries and little vacations, and it's certainly easier to do when you have a steady income.

However... there's a part of me that's getting a little restless. I'm watching these people start their own businesses, and it's stirring up something inside me. I know that I've got creative talent, and I know that I could be successful starting my own business, but there's some kind of mental block, I think. I just don't know what I'd want to do! That, and I'm afraid that I would get bored of anything that I started, and since the start-up costs for any business are generally pretty high, I can't afford to be fickle.

I've got hobbies. Plenty of them. I weld, I do some woodworking, I work on cars, I write... and I'm sure that any one of those could be the starting point for a business... but I think there's something inside me that wants to keep them as hobbies, and not have to rely on them to make a living. Do I think it's too risky? Do I fear getting bored of it? I don't know. I think I've got to get some of that sorted out, because I'd really like to do something here soon. Not that I want to quit my wonderful job... but if I can start something up and make some real money doing it... I can't see a good reason to not switch tracks and do something different.
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Kendra said:
Well, as I didn't know that you were feeling this way, I was a little taken back. And as I kept on reading what you wrote, I was hoping that you weren't going to end it with you wanting to quit your job. I'm very glad that you agree that you should keep your job. :) But I want to be able to help you with you restlessness.
I've been feeling a little restless myself... not sure why. I've enjoyed doing the little projects around the house though and I think we should do more stuff like that... but I feel like I need a bigger project. hm. We'll have to brain storm later. :)

June 14, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
Sounds good to me! :)
June 14, 2006

Luke said:
Best of luck bro. The only thing I'm good at is nearly impossible to make a living at and I care too much about providing for my family to risk their care. But I think you should do it ;) ha ha ha... Seriously I think you've got a good thing going on the side with your hobbies. You're good at them and if they take off then in time you can just work them into a job, if not then I suppose you still have a great job at Slave mean State Farm ;)
June 14, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
Yeah... we'll see. There are so many options, you know? With my welding, I could either go into goods or services, and in either case, there are options there, too. If I go into goods, do I start mass-producing little easy-sales things, or do I make unique artistic things that take longer to sell, but ultimately pull in more cash at one time? Or maybe a mix of both? Ugh... too many options.
June 14, 2006

Kristen said:
Or you could become a writer...
June 15, 2006

Billy said:
You have some serious talent... I would encourage you to continue to explore your options but be sure to choose something that you wouldn't mind putting all of your heart into. I've heard that the best way to ruin what you love to do is to HAVE to make money doing it. Like I love fishing, but I would hate it if I had to do it 40 hours a week for the rest of my life.
June 16, 2006

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