May 14, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
In response to the first comment on my ANGRY LIBERALS post, here's a follow-up post.

Generally speaking, I think liberals sound angry because they are angry. And I think they should be -- the current administration doesn't care about the rights of individuals, and that really should cause a person to be angry.

Shouldn't they be angry about the abuses caused by the Patriot Act? Legalities of wiretapping aside, doesn't it make sense that a person should be angry that an administration promotes spying... on citizens? Have we returned to McCarthyism? Will I find myself on the list because I'm critical of the administration? Call me paranoid, but when we've got DVD "pirates" branded as terrorists because the so-called link between DVD copying and terrorism, there's a clear agenda. If I burn a copy of "Fun with Dick and Jane," I'm a terrorist. Terrorism is the new communism. And every free-thinker should be angry.

Now, I don't agree with liberals on every issue. But on issues of civil liberties, corporations vs. individuals, government vs. individuals, I think the liberals are exactly right.
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