May 01, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
There has been some changes to this site. I think we're currently on version 4.1.0, which basically means that we're on the fourth major version, first major change to the fourth major version, and there haven't been any minor changes since about 2 minutes ago... which is when I submitted the most recent change.

The "first major change" is a change in the navigation system. I've decided that instead of showing the last 15 posts when you first get to my site, I'll only show a single post at a time, and you can navigate through it similar to the way you navigate through my limericks page. (I'll keep the RSS feed at 15 posts, since that's kind of how that's supposed to work.)

As a consequence, it makes my front page a little less cluttered, both visually and thematically. My site consists primarily of disconnected rants about random events or items, so keeping the posts separate makes the disconnect a little less disconcerting. Reading them a single page at a time makes it more clear that the posts were written with some time lapsed between them. It'll just make more sense that way. I've also made the change to the right-side-navigation menu, such that clicking on a particular month/year takes you to the first post of the date selected (with the exception of choosing 2006, which brings you to the most recent post.)

This will also motivate me to write longer posts so there isn't a bunch of ridiculous white space sitting on the page. With 15 posts, you have to scroll to read through the front page. With only a single post, it'll take quite a few more words and pictures to make the page feel complete. And that's fine, I suppose.
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Luke said:
I'm glad to hear things are starting to improve. I hope it continues. Let me know if you have any needs bro.
May 01, 2006

Kendra said:
I don't really like that you just have one post showing. Because I like to see the last one that I read and then read the ones that I haven't. I don't like that idea of reading them be having to push "prevous". You know what I mean? Maybe 15 posts was a lot, but I like that better then just one at a time. That's just my two cents. :)
May 01, 2006

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