March 27, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
As a result of a proposed bill to make it a federal crime to be an illegal immigrant into the US, half a million people in Los Angeles rose up to protest in the streets, demanding that congress stops the bill.

The bill is supposed to protect the US from terrorists -- the idea is that we'll be able to charge potential terrorists with a felony once we catch them. However, the largest number of illegal immigrants in the US is the Mexicans, and there aren't known associations between terrorism and Mexico.

The whole notion of closing borders is really odd; the whole foundation of America is built upon a bunch of white folks invading some land, killing off the indigenous folks or locking them up onto small plots of land, and then carving off territory to the highest bidder. We like to think of the christian pilgrims coming and making peace with the natives, and then we ignore the ugly facts -- we ignore the economy of fur trading, the economy of gold, and the economy of land. It's just money and power. Today, we call it the spread of democracy and capitalism, but what we're really doing is giving more land to corporations so they can have greater influence and make more money. And of course, anybody against democracy and capitalism is unamerican.

I'm glad folks are protesting the new bill -- making it a felony to escape the economic woes of your own country is crazy. If people believe that America is the "land of opportunity," let them come here and work hard and realize their dreams. Let them work for lower wages if they're willing. How else are local businesses supposed to remain competitive when the rest of the corporate world is outsourcing our work to other countries anyway? Because really... what's the difference?
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Luke said:
Beat you to the topic...
March 28, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
you sure? your site says you posted at 11:34pm. Mine says I posted at 2:36pm on the same day... but since that's the server time (in the UK or something), I'm not exactly sure when I posted.
March 28, 2006

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