March 24, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
When it comes to violence, I'm often on the fence. On one hand, I think people should be treated with respect, so the idea of killing or beating the crap out of somebody because of a difference in opinion or ideology just seems wrong. However... I am a big fan of self-defense, whether by martial arts or shot gun. I think people should know how to take care of themselves in the event that their life, or the lives of those around them, is in danger. In that scenario, violence is the answer.

That said, I'm a little torn emotionally on this story. Yes, it's awful. Parents should not be encouraging their children to beat up other children, and then video taping the incident. Military dads who teach their children to execute "no-mercy" style beatings should probably themselves be beaten severely.

However... the fact that this military dad got his three-year-old daughter to beat up a five-year-old boy is pretty sweet. Not in the "I'm glad it happened" kind of way -- overall, I think the situation is pretty horrible. But I have two daughters, and if they're able to defend themselves from the advances of five-year-old boys when they're just three-years old, I'm going to be a pretty proud dad!

On the other hand, these terrible parents that video-taped the event actually babysat the boy they let their daughter beat up, which means that the boy already viewed them as an authority figure, and probably knew better than to fight back against the babysitter's kid... so perhaps that's involved. Poor kid.
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bravogrl25 said:
I agree! Although I am a pacifist at heart, I still carry my gun with me almost everywhere that my concealed weapons permit will allow me to (which means I can't take it to work because I work in a state building). And even though I can't afford the kickboxing gym, I still train at home and practice all the moves I was taught. My husband also helps me train on my gun and some grappling. Additionally, I'm constantly aware of my surroundings and making quick observations (and dismissing most of them at the same time). I hope that I never have to shoot anyone, but it's all part of learning self-defense . . . the world is just too unpredictible and dangerous to not be prepared with some sort of self-defense. Anyway, kudos to that girl for kicking a$$, but shame on the parents if they were out of line. It may have been that the boy had some type of principal against hurting girls too . . .
March 26, 2006

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