December 15, 2004
by: jovial_cynic
Ever since I got back from Canada a few weeks ago, I've had the idea of building a colossal ant farm in my garage. While we were Canada, we stopped by this place called the "Bug Zoo," where they had all sorts of insects and arachnids on displace. However, the most fascinating thing was the wall-to-wall system of tunnels and containers for these leaf-cutting ants. It was incredible! So I've decided to build something similar at my own house.

The problem is that I don't have any leaf-cutting ants. But we do have Formica obscuripes, or "thatching ants," or most commonly known as "red-headed ants." I've been looking around online to see if anybody farms this particular species of ant, and I haven't turned anything up yet. We shall see. But yeah - that's my next big project idea. woo hoo!

np category: ants


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