January 17, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I spend a bit of time reading through scripture, and most of the time, I feel like I get it. It makes sense to me. But sometimes, I read it, and it becomes very clear to me that I have no clue what's going on about certain parts of it.

I'm not talking about basic theology - I understand all that. I even feel like I have a pretty good handle on the theology of Trinity. However, sometimes I stumble on something like this:

1. In John 1:1, we read that Jesus (as the Word[Logos]) was both with God[theos], and was God[theos], creating a relationship of perfect unity. I get that. That's Trinitiarian stuff.
2. In Exodus, God tells Moses to tell Pharaoh that Israel is God's "begotten son."
3. In John 3:1, Jesus calls himself the only begotten son.
4. So... does Jesus = Israel? That's strange, right?
5. And if so, does Israel = God? That's really, really strange.

So... yeah. Weird. No clue.
np category: theology


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