November 29, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
I've come to the point of no-return right now regarding this charity project. The project initially started out with just me wanting to donate 10% of my own money into helping out the needy. My wife was on board, as well as a few of my friends who felt that what I was doing was really great. However, as I've been talking about it to more and more people, it looks like this thing might grow into something much bigger than I originally planned. I've already got folks at work asking me about the details, and how the money will be spent, and how they can help... and now I've been assigned as "charity point-person" for my department, and for other departments that want to contribute.

Woah. This project is getting big.

So, I need to sit down and figure out exactly how I want to approach everything. So far, my priorities are as follows:

1. Feed and clothe the poor. This is the first thing I'm able to do, and probably the only thing I can do with my current resources. I've been meaning to build a booth or something I can take downtown and hand out food, but I'm still trying to figure out a strategic way of doing that. So far, the only thing that comes to mind is sandwiches and soup. Hopefully I can get that rolling pretty soon, since it's getting very cold outside.

2. Evangelize. Nothing preachy, as I find little point in preaching. But something simple... like... just a message that says "this is what God calls Christians to do. Please eat and be blessed." If anybody wants to step forward into discipleship, that'll be awesome, since Christians are also called to make disciples. But I want to make it clear that I'm not just trying to "convert" people, since that concept makes no sense to me.

3. Micro-businesses. I want to partner with local businesses that would be willing to donate into a program that'll help put impoverished/homeless people back on their feet. Like... teaching a craft/trade or something, so people can earn some kind of living instead of just having to beg for food and money. I don't know exactly what that'll look like yet, since I don't have any resources available at this time. One of things I have in mind are small shops like the ones you see at craft shows - hand made stuff that the homeless can make and sell. I might not give a homeless man a dollar if he holds out his hat, but I might buy a bead necklace from him for three dollars. While that doesn't necessarily address homelessness, I think it's a good start. Again - I'm still working on this part, since I think it's the most important part. It's huge, and I think it could revolutionize the way things are in Olympia. As a side note, I just realized that I could probably set up a site to sell these handmade things online. I've been very successful with my welding business, and I have barely even begun to advertise. Interesting...

Anyhow, that's some stuff I'm working on. Good times.
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