March 29, 2016
by: jovial_cynic
Because I've become comfortable cutting up the Datsun 510 and welding it back together, I decided to try my hand at some panel repair.

A couple of years back, I tore apart the rear panel of my car to address a significant bondo issue. As in, there was too much of it, and it just needed to be removed. This time around, I decided to fix a portion of the rear passenger panel. This actually required a bit more work, because I had to fabricate the 510's signature lines.

Now, I could have bought a replacement panel from Futofab, and this particular piece would have only been about $100. However... I do like doing things myself and learning in the process, so... here we go.

Between my bead roller and some careful hammering, I got pretty close:

And here's the reason I needed to make that panel:

It's pretty amazing how much better this looks... and it's not even attached to the car yet. Having a straighter line makes a world of difference.

Here it is welded up. You can tell it's not perfect, but it's so much better, and I don't mind correcting the minor errors with a little bit of filler.

np category: 510


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