January 09, 2012
by: jovial_cynic

This is the first electric razor I've ever owned. It's an old Remington. You know... the old, "as close as a razor or your money back," brand. It hadn't worked in years, but because I have a hard time throwing things away, it sat in a drawer for several years, just waiting for me to come rescue it.

This is a rechargeable model, but long before the razor quit working, it quit charging, forcing me to plug it in every time I wanted to use it. It turns out that these old NiCd AA batteries weren't meant to last forever, so the first order of business was to rip them out and dispose of them (properly). At this juncture, I had a few options - one of which was to simply throw in a set of rechargeable batteries that I had sitting around. However, that would be too easy. And in fact, while testing the motor (bypassing the batteries entirely), I'm pretty sure I toasted the transformer.

Batteries removed, and knowing that the charging circuit was more than I wanted to deal with, I decided that I'd simply bypass the entire thing and wire a power source directly to the razor motor.

Here's the connection between the power source and the motor.

And here's everything connected up. I could have taken the charging circuit out entirely, but that seemed like more work than necessary. So yeah - those are just a bunch of components just taking up space at the bottom of the razor.

My choice of power supply? An extra iPhone USB charger. Alternatively, I could literally plug my razor into any computer and shave... right there in front of the screen.
np category: DIY


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