January 12, 2011
by: jovial_cynic

I didn't vote for Jerry Brown for California governor, but in terms of looking for solutions, I'm pleased with his plan for balancing the California budget.

1. $12.5-billion in cuts to government spending: Things like 48,000 cell phones, which amounts to about $20-million a year, and government-issued cars. Cuts will also impact fire departments, and other social services.

2. $12-billion in taxes. No details spelled out here, but the fact that the increase in taxes is less than the amount of cuts seems like a nod to the Republicans and a statement that bi-partisan solution is the only way to fix the state.

Here's a link to the audio clip from the California Report, and a quick synopsis of the article:

"It's safe to say that the classic definition of compromise is when two opposing sides meet squarely in the middle. That's one way to look at the state budget proposed Monday by Governor Jerry Brown: a plan that almost evenly divides a $25.4 billion deficit into spending cuts and additional taxes."


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