October 13, 2010
by: jovial_cynic

I tend to examine politics from the social angle, and it's from that angle I typically rail against the conservatives for their adherence to tradition, nationalism, and pseudo-religious ethical expectations. I think it's a small-minded to expect that everyone behave and believe the same way, and this is a perspective I see more frequently with conservatives than with liberals, who are generally "cool with everything." It's the conservatives who complain about having to "press 1 for English," and it's the conservatives who tend to be more anything-different-phobic.

However, when it comes to fiscal policy, I think the conservative model makes considerably more sense. The way out of our current economic mess is to introduce incentive for businesses to create more jobs. That's stimulus. Anything that limits a business' ability to produce, employ, and contribute to the economy is detrimental to positive healthy growth. Limits should only be introduced when public safety is involved. Public safety and anything that causes global economic meltdown.

Anyhow, I'm going to vote this time around. I completed the registration process in time, and I'm going to do the whole vote-by-mail thing. I'm going to do it -- I'm going to vote. We need a conservative insurance commissioner. We need a conservative governor. We need people who know how to create jobs and bring real stimulus to California.

I think that the economy needs my vote.
np category: politics


TimDogg said:
You're going to -vote-?
October 14, 2010

jill said:
good for you josh! i think you should vote. (: how about kendra... got her registered yet?
October 14, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Yup. Going to vote.

And yeah - Kendra is registered, too.

October 14, 2010

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