October 16, 2009
by: jovial_cynic
We're getting closer and closer to Dooms Day.

First, this machine's ability to react to its surroundings amazing, and frightening:

And now, we're getting closer to making machines able to squeeze through tight spaces (like a liquid), and it's easy to see how this technology will be quickly adapted to be able to programmatically take on any shape possible. Horrifying.

We are doomed, doomed, doomed.


Doctor Kenzo said:
I'm continually horrified and fascinated by the advances made in robotics/cybernetics in the past few years. Remember the Boston Dynamics Big Dog? Imagine that thing with a couple of machine guns on it, programmed to hunt and kill. Scary shit, but friggin awesome at the same time.
October 27, 2009

Ronald said:
imagine when prosthetic limbs are better than the real thing. Invest in the special olympics. The future of professional sports
October 27, 2009

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