April 23, 2009
by: jovial_cynic

This was a request for a spearman riding on a dire wolf.

I especially like the way I made the wolf for this figurine. I'm using a combination of a few techniques I've learned over the years, and I think that's helping me create more complex figures.

The wolf's body was done in two pieces (not easily seen in the photos, but the 2nd photo shows it the best), which allowed greater texture around the shoulder-hair line, as well as a more realistic slope to the figure's back.

The legs were done with some papercraft influence, where the basic shape was drawn out, and "tabs" were added to the sides of the shapes before cutting out, and those tabs provided the depth.

Lastly, I created some wire webbing for the neck (visible in the third image) which provided volume to the figure without requiring much material. The webbing always seems to add an organic layer to the figurine, without being too distracting. In most of my complex figurines, I add the webbing as a way to provide some internal structure to the figurine, but making the webbing visible really adds something to the final product.


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