April 20, 2009
by: jovial_cynic

I finally got some decent pictures of my 510 up on Flickr.

I've been driving this car around my neighborhood, and I just called my insurance company to get the car covered. I should probably get some updated tabs and install the plates...

I'm pretty comfortable driving the car around, although not having a functioning alternator will make my commutes a little short until I get it replaced.

Man, oh man. This is the year that my car will officially be on the road.
np category: 510


George said:
Dude this is what I call passion, I really like your idea for a blog!!awesome, my second car out of high school was a 510 and I still woud have it, but my former STUPID landlord got it impounded and lost it! I hope to find one soon, in the meantime for my birthday 2 years ago I got as a gift an original owner '74 260 Z...I know I am probably wasting your time, but your blog got the best of me, I have always liked Datsun cars...your 510 looks great so far!
June 02, 2009

Jovial, are those fiberglass front fenders or metal with the marker light holes filled in? I need a pair of CHEAP metal ones to pull a mold off of. (2 510 race cars) I hope to make more than I need and offer them for sale @ about 2/3 the going price. (FL)
August 20, 2009

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