October 26, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
It looks like the Bush Administration has officially approved RFID passports. After October 2006, all passports issued will be fitted with a 64kb passive RFID chips. The government states that the chips will not be used to "track" individuals, but rather to simply see who enters our borders and when entrance occurs... which is no different than our current passport system.

However, privacy advocates point out that passive RFID chips can be triggered by scanners located up to 160 feet away. It seems that any antiskimming (shielding) technology will be thwarted by the fact that a passport must be opened to be read by government agencies. Perhaps the official reader can be placed inside a lead box to be read...

What am I talking about? RFID's are the devil. I'm going to remove my RFID chip for sure if I need a new passport after October 2006.
np category: politics


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