February 25, 2008
by: jovial_cynic

edited with a.viary

A while back, I wrote a blog post or a comment about grassroots movements, and how real change in the social world doesn't happen at the top, but rather it happens at the bottom, and that in order to make something happen, the people in the weeds either drive the action, or they passively permit things to happen to them. In the case of the corporate world, the consumers (unwittingly) are the ones empowering businesses for good or for ill; successful businesses simply feed off of the crowds. And from that notion came some ideas about how real leadership in politics was as much about influencing and changing people as it was being able to feel a pulse on the people and accurately representing them.

I went hunting for that post, because I thought it would be clever to complain that "xyz candidate plagiarized my words!" (both Obama and Clinton have mentioned the power of grassroots movements). I used that search function I built for my site, but I couldn't find it in any of my posts, so I modified the search function to also search through comments... but I can't seem to find it in there either.

Weird. It's possible that I wrote it on another blog instead of my own, and I'll never be able to track it down. Blast.

In any event, I've upgraded my search function to allow users to search either through the posts or through the comments. It doesn't yet allow you to search through both at the same time, but I'll see about making that change.


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